Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year's Eve 2009

It's now a race between my departure and the completion of the building work. I do have a semi functioning kitchen, although it's now so long since I cooked anything that I am paralysed with uncertainty of how to proceed with my shiny new oven and glistening hob.
On the preparation front I have done better. My bags are packed, weighed even and are already in Coulsdon with Helen, awaiting the journey to Heathrow on 15th. Contact has been made with some of the new intake of volunteers with whom I shall be travelling out and I am in touch with friends and contacts in Rwanda.It will be wonderful to be warm again and to be thoroughly engaged with what I am doing but maybe this time I shall be very happy to return to my children, grandchildren, house,friends and I think a DOG! I must have a companion in this splendid new house and this would absolutely ensure that I go out and take exercise each day.

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