Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Off to Cyangugu!

Well finally I have a base in Kigali - a nice house with airy light rooms, an almost stunning view, (spoilt by a VAST house just in front), a kitchen with 2 sinks, a sweet guard called Ernest and a great situation 15 minutes up hill wall to the programme office. Of course there are 1 or 2 unsurprising hiccups such as the fact that there are no curtains, only 1 key to front and back doors despite every other door in the house having 3 keys, a bathroom door that won't shut and taps that have to be turned off by an extra tap on the pipe, my matress is too big for the bed and the wooden slats are too small so I'm liable to land on the floor with a crash in the night! However I'm taking the trip South in a few minutes - 5 hours on the bus to a new short -term placement where I'm to do a needs analysis on the provision or lack of it for 20 or so Deaf children at a centre called Ngwino Nawe - Come to Us!
That will be the 9th bed I've slept in since I've arrived. But nonetheless I am so happy to be back, to be catching up with old friends and to be working and engaged again, to be eating fresh fruit and to being warm!

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