Friday, 12 February 2010

Butare again!

Last weekend Jan 30th /31st I visited Butare in order to meet up with Innocent - my long -time dependant and to see Renathe and Josephine (ex-domestiques), and their families. I stayed with Renathe which was really nice - very comfortable and gave me a chance to get to know her little boy - Prince. He is very cute and is already speaking quite alot of French but displays many traits of an indulged only child- very attention seeking - throwing food and drink on the floor and constantly interrupting!
We went the next day to Josephine's house - a short walk away where her whole family were gathered. We ate corn, drank tea and then had beans and rice and had a great catch up of news and views! She is now going to work for 2 new volunteers in Butare.

Everyone complained about the difficulties of making ends meet - many items of food have become very expensive - it is claimed that a policy to grow only food and rice in the valleys rather than mixed crops has led to a shortage of many vegetables such as tomatoes which has led to an increase in prices.

Many of the familiar faces were to be seen in Butare - the deaf street boy - now a young man - completely unsurprised to see me again, the character dressed in a gass mask decorated with chains and feathers, the charming girls in the Volcano office and the lovely guys in the supermarket.

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  1. Great to be reading about your Rwanda adventures again! Makes me homesick for Butare...